Amity DeFi

Bringing EVM Blockchains To Discord

Control the full extent of all EVM-compatible networks, built ground up to be a bridge between Discord communities and interactions with the blockchain.

What does Amity offer?

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Fully integrated wallet

Take control of a completely Discord-integrated cryptocurrency wallet, allowing for seamless connection to every EVM blockchain.

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Send & recieve natively

Instantly send cryptocurrency to other discord users, or give large amounts away to multiple users.

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Easily accessible information

See transaction information, contract data, NFT data, and cryptocurrency pricing; all just one command away.

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Free to use

Utilize the full extent of Amity DeFi for no cost or hidden fees what-so-ever.

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Frequent updates

New features and optimizations are frequently introduced to Amity, free of charge.

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Wallet ownership

You have complete ownership over your Amity DeFi wallet, including private key access; allowing for usage of the wallet in other applications.

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Enrich your Discord community with Amity DeFi

Commonly used in

Triple Confirmation

Triple Confirmation is a trading-bot group and Avalanche community with native tokens TCC and TCpot.


MtopSwap is a Harmony-based upcoming swapping platform and NFT project with native token MTOP.


OneVerse is a Harmony-based NFT project that frequently uses Amity for NFT data fetching.


Reflectaverse is a Harmony-based NFT and Reflectionary Token project with native token ECHO.


Findora is a privacy-focused EVM chain with a lively Discord community.

DeFi: The Gods!

DeFi: The Gods! is a Harmony-based project centering around an upcoming open world MMORPG.

DeFi Tower

DeFi Tower is an upcoming futuristic play-to-earn RPG and gaming platform on Harmony, going cross-chain soon.